Adobe Photoshop

Smooth Skin and Airbrushing Tutorial

This video shows how the to smooth your model's skin in Photoshop and the basics of airbrushing.

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Adobe Photoshop

Tan Lines and Sunburn Removal

Remove tan lines and sunburn problems in Photoshop

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Sony Vegas

Creating Stop Motion using Sony Vegas

Creating stop motion or freeze frame in Sony Vegas

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Photoshop CS5

Double Process HDR Effect Tutorial

Starting with a raw file, learn how to double process an image for a great HDR effect in Photoshop

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3DS Max

Exporting Figures from Poser to 3ds Max Using Bones

Export figures from poser into 3ds max with bones

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Adobe Photoshop

Space Galactic Scene Photoshop Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a Galactic Scene in Photoshop!!

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Adobe Photoshop

Retro Pop Photoshop Wallpaper

Create a retro style effect using photoshop with this tutorial

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Adobe After Effects

Motion Tracking and Text Compositing

Learn how to add text into a moving shot with htis Adobe After Effects tutorial

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Adobe After Effects

Cool Zoom Effect in After Effects Tutorial

Music video type of zoom effect using after effects

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Adobe Photoshop

Create Valentine Heart in Photoshop

Create a valentine's heart using vector shapes in Photoshop

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