Adobe Photoshop

Using Layer Masks

Using Layer Masks to adjust portions of your image or photo.

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Adobe Photoshop

Advanced Batch Processing

Learn some advanced batch processing techniques. Develop an action which resizes portrait and landscape images correctly and th...

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Adobe After Effects

How To Make A Crowd In After Effects

How to create a crowd of people using Trapcode's Particular

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Adobe Illustrator

Draw a Smooth Vector Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a smooth silver ribbon with multiple folds in this video.

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3DS Max

Create An Ocean In 3DS Max

Create rippling water in 3ds max without a plugin

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3DS Max

Make Chrome Material in 3ds Max

Make photo realistic chrome using 3ds max software

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Sony Vegas

Solving the media offline problem in Sony Vegas

A quick solution to the media offline problem in Sony Vegas / Movie Studio.

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Adobe Photoshop

Double Outline Effect

Create a double outline text effect.

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Adobe Photoshop

Slicing Layouts in Photoshop

Learn how to slice web layouts to optimize for the web.

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Adobe Photoshop

Creating Water Drops in Photoshop

Creating water drops in Photoshop

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