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Simple Grass in 3ds Max Vray

This tutorial will to teach you how to creating simple grass in 3ds Max 11 with Vray Render.

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Using Trajectories in 3DS Max Tutorial

Learn how to use trajectories in 3DS Max Tutorial

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Exporting Figures from Poser to 3ds Max Using Bones

Export figures from poser into 3ds max with bones

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Export an Object from 3ds Max to Unigine Engine

In this tutorial I show how to export a mesh from 3ds Max and importing it into Unigine. From there we will setup a basic scene...

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3ds Max Box Modeling Overview

This is a basic tutorial that covers the most essential commands and tools for box modeling in 3ds max.

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Asset Tracking in 3Ds Max

If you work with more than one computer, keeping track of textures and scene files can be a nightmare! In this quick-tip, Benoi...

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XP logo in 3DS Max

Design the XP logo using 3DS Max software

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Dynamic Lighting for a 3D Scene Using 3DS Max and Ph...

Learning different techniques for lighting this particular 3DS Max render.

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Ink Effect using 3DS Max and After Effects

In this tutorial you will learn how to use particles systems with FumeFX and Krakatoa to create a very cool looking Ink dispers...

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Particle Flow basics for 3DS Max

In this Basix tutorial we will discuss in an informal manner everything you need to know about the essential operators and work...

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