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Sketchup Tutorial - Follow Me Basic

A tutorial on how to use the basic feature of the Follow Me command in Google Sketch Up

928 views 05.05.07(by ziad )

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Blender - Model a Cup

How to model a cup and use the nessessary hotkeys

1796 views 03.30.07(by ziad )

3D software

Topicscape Quick Zoom Tutorial

This is a quick video demonstrating how to use the Quick Zoom functionality in Topicscape 3d mindmapping software from topicsca...

894 views 03.30.07(by ziad )

3D software

Model a Knurl In Maya

A short modeling tutorial on how to model a knurl in Maya

3184 views 03.18.07(by ziad )


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Cutting Meshes in Blender 3D

Learn how to cut a simple hole in a mesh within Blender 3D

7386 views 02.21.07(by kernond )

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Selecting Edges in Lightwave Modeler

Edge selections and operations for tools in Lightwave Modeler 9

2758 views 02.16.07(by ziad )

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Displacement and APS in Lightwave

Displacement mode and adaptive pixel subdivision in Lightwave 9

4560 views 02.16.07(by ziad )

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Modeling a Railroad Track

Learn how to create railroad tracks using XSI 3D software

8703 views 02.16.07(by ziad )

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Lightwave Node Editor and 2D Textures

Lightwave 9 Node Editor 2D Procedural Textures

9455 views 02.16.07(by ziad )


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Polygon Components in Maya

Manipulation of basic polygon components such as edges faces and vertices in Maya

7156 views 02.16.07(by ziad )